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Ladle Skimming Monitoring

The VISIR-LadleDeslag system monitors ladle skimming operations to help achieve clean ladle steel for further process operations, while at the same time ensuring that excessive metal loss is avoided. VISIR-LadleDeslag cameras and software evaluate the ladle surface slag content and feeds information to the operator when a sufficient skimming has been achieved.





Why use the VISIR-LadleDeslag system?

Are you experiencing uncontrolled sulphur increases in the BOF? Are you experiencing uncontrolled reoxidation during ladle treatment? Do you feel a need to narrow down process variations in the final steps of processing? Do you see that the deslagging performance varies considerably from ladle to ladle and is operator dependent?
If you associate with any of the above, VISIR-LadleDeslag will assist you in solving your problem.


Minimise process variations

Carryover slag variations in ladles are often the cause of a number of problems detrimental to processing and product quality. Unforeseen reoxidation reduces alloying yields and refining efficiency forcing the operator to deviate from the standard processing and take additional processing steps. The added oxygen also contributes to the formation of non-metallic inclusions that lowers product quality.


LadleSlag GUI


Key features:

 Deslagging montoring – Keep track of how successful the deslagging was and how long it took to complete.

 Deslagging control – Give the operator feedback during deslagging to obtain a consistent slag removal. Set desired deslagging rate and let LadleDeslag inform the operators when the result is sufficient.

 Data mining – Gives the personnel access to a database of previous deslaggings. Search the database with a number of different search options, such as dates, charge number, route etc. Schedule automatic reports to be sent out on a regular basis to engineers or managers.


Deslagging results