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Electromagnetic steel level tracking in EAF

The AGELLIS EMLI-EAF Level is a unit for recording critical furnace level data whenever required. The system can be used in all EAF furnace types where molten metal access is possible, a suitable slag door manipulator is already in place or a manipulator is to be installed and the process requires knowledge of bath and hot heel levels.


By combining steel plant proven electromagnetic measurement with your slag door manipulator that already takes temperature and/or metal samples, you can have a system which is both innovative and reliable. By equipping your manipulator with the Agellis electromagnetic sensor sword, you will be able to detect the metal levels that you need to know in your furnace, thus assisting your decision making. Knowing your metal bath level whenever you require it and having an accurate hot heel level measurement is critical to furnace process optimisation.


Agellis-EMLI-EAF Level


The AGELLIS EMLI-EAF Level system has unequalled precision and repeatability. No other system or solution is able to deliver as many measurements per heat with such high precision. The fact that the system is probe independent and does not interfere with actual practices ensures the industry’s best performance at the lowest cost.

Do you already have a slag door manipulator?

Then you just need to add (retro fit) the EMLI-EAF Level system to your existing system. You will still be able to perform temperature or oxygen measurements just as before, but will also get a precise steel level in the same sequence. This means no changes are made to current operator practice and no special probes are required.

You do not have a slag door manipulator?

Agellis can provide complete systems, including slag door manipulators from leading manufacturers, delivered with the unique Agellis EMLI-EAF Level system pre-installed.