Continuous casting solutions
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EMLI-MouldLevel Suspended

Electromagnetic mould level measurement

The Agellis EMLI-MouldLevel Suspended sensor continuously monitors metal level in the mould during casting and provides outputs to control the flow to maintain desired operating levels.


Agellis-EMLI-Ms-1 EMLI-MouldLevel Suspended is the most advanced electromagnetic mould level measurement system available on the market. It is exceptionally accurate and reliable. The flexible electronics platform ensures an easy installation and a wide array of options is available. The automatic calibration rig performs a full 21 point calibration in a matter of a few minutes, making sure that maintenance procedures demand a minimum of resources and can be performed in a very short period of time.

The user friendly software allows easy access to running information at all times from the Control room or any other desired service access point using LAN access. Agellis offers two types of suspended sensors, a thin 40mm diameter and a larger 90mm diameter sensor making sure the mould level system can be used with optimal performance in most bloom and slab formats.