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Electromagnetic slag detection for furnace

The Agellis EMLI-LadeSlag system continuously monitors steel flow during ladle teeming at the caster and provides alarm outputs at the onset of slag in the stream. These outputs can be used to immediately end teeming by gate closure, while also giving visual and audible alarms.



The AGELLIS EMLI sensors/cabling are customized to fit any ladle and sliding-gate arrangement with only minimal modification to existing equipment.

The two sensor configuration means only a single sensor needs replacement if there is a breakage, thus reducing maintenance costs and making the EMLI-LadleSlag more cost effective to run than other systems. Exchange of a sensor is quick and easy and can be performed at the same time as gate plate replacement of repair.

The Management Unit is capable of running up to 4 Control Units of the same or different EMLI system types. This enables the user to expand the system to run extra slag detection systems or add mold level or tundish level measurement systems.

All EMLI system types have compatible parts so that means stocking spares is both simple and cost effective.

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