EMLI in 1980


In the early 1980s, the EMLI technology was created. Started in the early 1980s as a business unit of Studsvik Energiteknik AB (later to be called Studsvik AB), Sweden’s primary Nuclear Research Center, created and developed the EMLI group of electromagnetic measurement systems for the steel industry. Initial success of the early products for Mould Level Measurement, Tundish Level Measurement and Ladle Slag Detection Systems for Continuous Casting were soon followed by Basic Oxygen Furnace and Electric Arc Furnace Slag Detection Systems.







EMLI History 2


Early in the 1990s, the EMLI Technology was sold to the private sector. As the company grew, the EMLI products were constantly upgraded, new systems were developed and Studsvik AB began to see the business unit as a stand-alone company. So it was sold into the private sector in the early 90’s together with its subsidiaries in North America and Central Europe, plus experienced agents worldwide and agreements with major OEM companies.










Agellis Group sophisticated the EMLI Technology. By 2006 the company was looking for ways to fund increased product development, search for new applications and continue company growth. The solution was the integration of the EMLI products into Agellis Group, a Swedish company also involved in developing/marketing measurement technologies for the metals industry.










Under the management of the AGELLIS Group the 3rd and most sophisticated version of the EMLI Measurement Electronics platform followed and was rapidly introduced to the market. It had an immediate impact on existing application sales, upgrades for existing operating systems and opened the path to the development of new unique products for measurement and detection in both the ferrous and non-ferrous metal industries.










In 2009 Agellis Group developed specific products for the non-ferrous market and launched EMLI-SmelterLevel and EMLI-FurnaceProfile to optimise melting processes and increase yield in this sector. Today the non-ferrous business represents 30 % of Agellis’ turnover.











In 2015 a second Agellis Group platform was developed, called VISIR. The vision-based platform uses thermographic cameras together with unique user software and server solutions to minimise the risk of breakouts, improve safety, minimise metal losses and optimise refractory utilisation.









RHI Magnesita


In late 2017 Agellis was acquired and integrated into the Systems and Advanced Technologies division of the global RHI Magnesita group.  The acquisition was a part of RHI Magnesitas’s “Ladle to Mould” strategy to extend the product range with advanced measurement technology for both steel and non-ferrous plants. This enabled Agellis to increase market presence and accelerate product development. The EMLI and VISIR technologies entered a new phase of adding value to the molten metals industry.











Today AGELLIS AB, with over 30 years of measurement experience, is having a major impact on the metals industry market with a range of new unique metal measurement and detection systems. Agellis is represented by our Agents in most major markets around the world and our headquarters are located in Lund, Sweden.